Our team

Founders of Keen Wisdom family office compose of a team of observers to traditional philosophy ‘Confucian’. Our team implements the respect to Chinese culture through strict adherence to customs in daily lives. Nevertheless, our team members are Keen on making use of westernized method for application of management/leadership, for which our team has already been recognized as expert and professional.

Practically, we have accrued more than 20 years’ experience by rending services to numerous enterprises for running their respective business smoothly and efficiently.

For the sake of upgrading those on job supervisors from different levels, as well as potential personnel proceeding for due succession, appropriate training courses are introduced accordingly.


With faith and determination, we vision to be renowned as the best and the most trustworthy in trade.

Our mission

To help all Chinese related enterprises by conveying a merged philosophy and applicable technique to concerned personnel deployed to different management levels, and to those would-be successors proceeding for due succession of their respective trade. Upon an upward adjustment to enrich relevant management/leadership approach for all individual enterprises and consequently our Country as a whole, the goal of progressing in line with the world will be achieved.

Main value

We have agreed that whilst running our business, first priority would-be granted for faithfulness and honesty. We will apply due respect to others and stress our effort on nourishing and raising people deserved. We shall also emphasize on the relation between gaining and responsibility.It is gripped that we are targeting on rebating all extra resources procured back to the society and for those in need.