Main Business 

To assist entrepreneurs based in Mainland China in preparation for hand-over procedure regarding to succession of their respective enterprise. Recommendations will be made in respect of direction for their handling of wealth / fixed assets, and for selection of suitable candidates eligible for succeeding and for current appointment as supervisors for different management levels. 

To provide effective leadership training courses so that all potential candidates can be duly trained. 

To help small / medium sized enterprises by offering professional consultancy services so as to remedy their deficiency in middle management level followed by inability of arrangement for proper replacement.

To give hands to support those would-be successors who may not be ready for immediate successive procedure.

Apart from supporting concerned enterprises‘ business running by rendering expert ideas and knowledge, additional timely directions and inspiration will also be given to effect their further extension and more efficiency in handling their respective wealth/fixed assets, which would eventually become beneficial in connection with their subsequent proceeding for succession. 

Other services 

1. Referral of services for Company Secretariat, Accounting and Auditoring. 
2. Referral of services for wealth/fixed assets management. 
3. Referral of training course as required. 
4. Arrangement for Family Trust and Will preparation. 
5. House and Property management referral to relevant team partners. 
6. Auditoring services and proposal for loan arrangement referral to team partners. 
7. Overseas investment and immigration consultancy services. 
8. Application for working visa and other relevant documents.