Module Objectives

A leader should be endowed with the calibre to distinguish, to foster and to utilize the essence possessed by staff members in order to effect the best competitiveness for the team.  Simultaneously, every staff member must be given the opportunity to exert the best effort. Leaders are yearning for equipping themselves with the aforesaid endowment which as an individual knowledge, has never been found offering by local registered Academics, Universities or any professional training institutions. Targeting on universal publicity, we are conveying a series of precisely-designed leadership training course inspired with practical case studies through live experience derived from the well-established and a mergence of versatile leadership intelligence. Trainees will be provided with an in-depth understanding and directed to an accessible approach for analyses and resolution.  The course aims at enhancing gradual advancement for all would-be leaders and attributing to the latters‘ consequent achievement on manoeuvre of leadership technique.

Module Outline

1. Difference between leadership and management
2. Sense of value nourished by leadership
3. Way of thinking displayed by leadership
4. Anticipation capacity incurred by leadership
5. How to adopt analytical thinking
6. Behavioral conduct incurred by leadership
7. Habitual conduct incurred by leadership
8. Orientation of leadership
9. Role performed by leadership
10. The significance of self-piloting
11. The significance of self-awareness
12. Quality possessed by leadership
13. Time management
14. Four essential elements of communication
15. The art of Listening