Welcome to Keen Wisdom Family Office

In observance and pursuance to traditional philosophy "Confucian", founders of Keen Wisdom have already been distinguished with the team‘s applying well-established Chinese culture to business running. Simultaneously, being well-versed with westernized managerial concept and acquaintant to practical in service involvement,
the team‘s versatile knowledge as well as expert status have been ascertained. With over 20 years accrued experience elaborating on consultancy, analyst and managerial services for numerous enterprises, the team is offering professional services for upgrading personnel from different levels, and especially for all potential successors proceeding for due succession of respective trade. 

Main business

We endeavored to assist due enterprises, particularly those running their business in mainland China, in effecting their successful succession with all properties/resources intact. Relevant training on all-round leadership will be introduced to enhance and upgrade those assigned successors and appointed personnel of top management. 

Besides, those small/medium-sized enterprises will be provided with consultancy and effective management enhancement services in order to rectify their managerial ability and default in middle management level. 

Module information 

We are mission to provide all entrepreneurs; especially those originated form zones dominant with Chinese civilization, with the approach and ways to coordinate their
given instinct and equipped learnt knowledge derived from westernized world. Consequently, the best mechanism for running their respective business would be on hand.